• Food Pirates

    It's 2035 and the world is exactly the mess that scientists have been warning us it would be. Disastrous hurricanes and costal flooding due to rising sea levels has forced millions of people inland. Poor Rylo. She's having a bad life and it's going to get worse.

    Food Pirates follows Rylo Sykes as she finds herself drawn into a murderous conspiracy, piracy, and illegal vegetable gardening.

    Food Pirates is an ongoing comic which is updated weekly at http://foodpirates.net

    The first chapter can be purchased in print at: http://queenofthedorks.bigcartel.com/


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  • Things I Could Be Doing, Instead of Going to Grad School (2015)

    Things I Could Be Doing, Instead of Going to Grad School is an artist book I produced while working on my MFA. It is a collection of illustrations that are the result of stress induced anxiety.
    There comes a point in the semester, every semester, where I decide that I’ve had about as much of grad school as I can handle. I mentally toss my hands in the air, threaten to quit everything, and begin planning what I will do instead of going to grad school. Inevitably my new career choices run the gamut from things with very little responsibility, to things that are physically impossible—like that one time I was convinced that becoming a lawn gnome was a pretty safe bet. These lists let me blow off steam and take a break. They’re also cheaper than therapy.
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  • Hold The Shadows (2013)

    This is a concept for side-scrolling shooter created in Gamemaker. It started with a short story:

    In the time before, when the world was still dark and cold, the shadows roamed the night.  They were fierce, proud and above all else, dangerous.

    So the wise woman drew together the village's most talented weavers.

    "In the light of the sun," She said. "We will harvest silk from the cocoon of the spider moth.  From that we will weave nets to tame the shadows. "

    "But who will wield these nets?" One of the weavers asked. "Our warriors can not do battle with the shadows. They will be consumed."

    The Wise Woman nodded, but before she could speak a small voice came from the corner of the room.

    "I will go," it said.

    The group turned to find the small girl, who'd appeared out of the night the summer before.

    "You?"  One of the weavers asked.

    "You are small. " Another said, "and have no name."

    But the wise woman squinted at the girl and then nodded.

    "You have walked through the shadows once before. You will do... "

    "And when I return," the girl interrupted. "I will have earned the right to be called by name. "


  • Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Doctor (2013)

    Created in Gamemaker, this was a combination platformer and click through in a similar style to Myst.